The importance of a Brand Guidelines Manual


A lot of startups nowadays have their visual identity designed by a number of different designers. 

More often than not that leads to inconsistent branding, hence it is hurting your business credibility. 

In order to build a strong brand, you need to follow precise directions and that’s when a good brand guidelines manual comes in. Also known as a brand style guide, it’s a useful document that gathers and defines all the elements within a brand, allowing you to easily create new content that follows your brand unique voice. 

What’s usually included in these style guides? 

  • 1. Brand Overview: What’s your Brand vision? 
  • 2. Mission statement: What’s your company purpose? 
  • 3. Logo Usage: How should you use your Logo in its different versions. 
  • 4. Colour Palette 
  • 5. Typography: What’s the main font of your Brand? 
  • 6. Content samples: What types of imagery, photography should you use? 
The Stylescape I’ve used while creating the Doux Elle Logo

What are the main benefits of a Brand guidelines manual?

  • 1. It helps your Brand stay consistent;
  • 2. Makes the creation of new content easier;
  • 3. Creates a standard for your employees to follow;

A brand guidelines manual is not only helpful for visuals, it’s really useful when it comes to outsourcing the work too. Let’s say you’re hiring a Social media manager: having a precise guideline will help him produce on-brand quality content without losing time trying to figure out how your Brand usually communicates.

Saving them time, more often than not, means saving you money.

I hope this has helped you to understand what a brand guidelines manual is and how it could help your business. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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